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Group Fitness Instructors

Meghan Nelson

Meghan is a certified personal trainer and group instructor as well as a national level bikini competitor. She is also certified in corrective exercise for any of your special needs. She focuses on good form and always finds a balance between cardio and strength training!

Allison Hazel

Ally is both a Girls That Curl Coach and a personal trainer. She has a BS in Exercise Science and an accomplished power lifter. Her great attitude and attention to detail makes her a perfect fit for every person trying to accomplish any fitness goal!

Follow her on instagram @Hardcore_Ally

Kristin Clark

Kristin is certifed in zumba. Her sweet personality and high energy will make you feel welcome even if you have never tried zumba before. 

Michael Merfert

Mike is a former pro-boxer and he teaches thai boxing at Twyfit. He focuses on correct form and techniques. He is great with teens, adults and elderly. He packs his class full of different exercises throughout the class. 

Tracy Hennessey

Tracy teaches Senior Stretch and tone. She has a very fun and supportive personality that can help anyone with their workouts if they are having any difficulties. She is a very accommodating person.

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