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Meet The Owner

I set out over 20 years ago to help as many people as I can to experience the fitness lifestyle. I wanted people to know what a difference it can make in their life. Throughout the years I have helped hundreds achieve their goals through personal in-home fitness and corporate fitness programs.

After college, I entered my first bodybuilding contest. I have since competed in multiple shows going up to the national level. With several first place finishes many people started to ask me to help them get fit. This motivated me to become a certified personal trainer. My career began as an in-home personal trainer that expanded into the corporate world.

In 2000 I launched the Breaktime Fitness program. This was a half hour program inspired by pilates and yoga on a physio-ball. We used music to create a stress relieving atmosphere while working and stretching the stressed muscles of the spine and shoulders.

When I opened my studio I wanted to make it better. I took what was already out there and improved it. I realized that the average person was left out. This led me to create a studio that was for anyone, from the elite athlete to the average person just starting out. I believe in honesty, integrity and personal commitment. I aim to bring that every day through my studio and my staff so you can have an experience that can change your life.

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