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The Creation of Twyfit

When opening Twyfit the goal was to create a place that offered a personalized and challenging experience that was not intimidating. There were already many studios that were about hardcore fitness such as the boxing gyms and crossfit gyms.

Twyfit was designed to welcome anyone. We paid special attention to the small details. The studio is full of color that changes from room to room to fit your workout. Color is not the only attention to detail, lighting also plays a big role in the environment we created. Lighting also changes from room to room and class to class to set the tone. Our last attention to detail is scent. We have multiple diffusers to change the environment from calm to energized. It was also important to make it a warm, friendly environment that people would feel comfortable bringing their whole family to.

It is a place that offers classes for every level of fitness where someone can start and grow at their own pace. Our variety of classes also can fit every mood or type of person. We offer options that fall under hardcore fitness, dance fitness, and also mind/body fitness.

The studio is fully equipped, which gives our trainers an edge to making your personal fitness experience as personal as your goals. The training staff is diverse in both age and gender. This ensures that there is a trainer to fit your needs. They will motivate you to get to your next level.

Your visit to Twyfit is more than just classes and training, we also offer massage therapy. Our therapist can undo the stress of the day. Our in-house massage therapist specializes in swedish and deep tissue massage.

Twyfit was created for our customer by paying attention to details and creating a fitness lifestyle that is well rounded. No matter what your goal is about fitness, we are here to provide you the best experience possible.

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