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I was extremely hesitant about joining a 12 week program. I have tried many others and have failed or not wanted to go back. But Twyfit and the Girls That Curl are truly amazing! On my first day I was so nervous but everyone there was so welcoming and encouraging. The sessions are amazing and have helped me with my confidence and overall health. My trainer is incredibly knowledgeable and I work out with some amazing ladies. There is a constant teamwork that pushes you to your goals...I could go on and on bit I will leave it at this...This is a perfect gym! The idea of what a gym should be. They treat you like family, encourage you to be your best and NEVER make you feel uncomfortable. I am proud to be a Girls That Curl team member!


(Twyfit) of you can share in Brooke's tournament victory this weekend. I had so many parents tell me how much better she has gotten. She can run faster, jump high and punt farther than last year. They commented on how toned she looked and that she has slimmed down. Both of her coaches said what a stellar athlete she is turning into. You both did that this summer. Parents wanted to know what Brooke had been doing all summer and of course I told them. They seem very interested for next summer. I am very grateful for what you have done for Brooke. She was addicted to going to the gym and would have come every day if she was able to. Thank you for everything you do and you are doing a fabulous job! Brooke is looking forward to spending more time with you both very's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


"I began training with Mike when he was hired by my company, Guardian Alarm, to educate and train our employees in our gym. Mike is exceptional in his knowledge of providing a workout to fit each individual’s needs and goals. I wanted to be in better physical shape but felt limited due to my fibromyalgia. After several sessions I found I was able to increase my weights and cardio workouts as my stamina increased. The more disciplined I was with my workout routine the better I felt. Nearly 10 years later I still feel better than ever! To this day, my Rheumatologist uses me as an example and inspiration to his patients. Without Mike’s encouragement to ‘keep pushing yourself’, I know I would not look and feel as good as I do today."


Paula started out at 112 lbs. She was eating less than 1000 kcal per day and weight training 6 days a week.  she increased her calories to 1,800 and weight trained no more than 4 days per week. Over the course of a summer she transformed herself into a leaner cleaner physique at 120 lbs. She then kept pushing herself absorbing every morsel of information she could find and training with dedication and commitment to compete in her first figure show where she placed 3th at the age of 46.


"I've taken 2 classes so far and LOVED them! What a great place to workout. First time ever I enjoyed a workout and am excited to do more. Mike has a great staff, very knowledgeable and obviously love what they do."


Chris was suffering with a condition called Transverse Myelitis (TMA). This is a virus like condition that affects the spine causing the spinal column to swell excessively cutting off nerves communicating to the muscles of the body. Chris bounced back well from this quickly gaining back use of his legs but was left with some upper body deficits. The most critical of these being the loss of strength to his hands and forearms. He also lost some communication to his Triceps and Pectoral muscles.
Using a cuff link system and rubber tension bands we were able to devise a workout that put over 12 pounds of muscle on him over the course of a summer break. Chris continues to work during school breaks and summer breaks and he continues to make progress under the program we have built for him.


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